Ashoi's work for the past several years has been mainly geared towards helping human beings attain deep and clear insight of reality. His goal is to awaken each person, one by one, from the delusive mode of casual consciousness into a state of ultimate self-realization and attunement with truth. To that end he has designed revolutionary methods and instruments for systematically uplifting the human state of consciousness through progressive phases, culminating harmony within and without. 

Ashoi: "To know my work is to know me. It's that simple. I am not interested in writing my autobiography here. I am not interested in telling an enlightening story. What good is a story?  As true as it may be, anything I say about myself will be but only a story for another person...and however great the story may be, it won't help someone attain to the insight of reality. My story won't help; but the information I share most likely will. 

"The information I share is scientific. People can read what I have written, and can hear me speak about various subjects, but they shouldn't simply take my word for it; each person should test what I say with his or her experience and intelligently scrutinize the information; only then the revelation of truth will occur within self. Not otherwise.

"A person who is earnest, humble, and most importantly, open-minded, with a burning desire to learn and gratefully receive the gift of truth, is well suited to attain the most profound of revelations."