Chapter 1

The Insights

Attaining To Insight Of Reality

Chapter 2

Reality Is Within Mind’s Reach

Chapter 3

The Mind Dimension And The Real Dimension

Importance Of Sensory Perceptions

Categories Of Human Sensory Perceptions

Chapter 4

The Missing Link—Missed Or Dismissed?

Basic Architecture Of Sensory Perception System

The Graphical Exercise—Presenting The Visual-image

Three Important Aspects Of Human Perception Of The World

Chapter 5

What Matter! Which Matter! You Don’t Experience Real Matter

Perceptual Mind Medium

The Physical-costume

Touch Me Not!

Real Universe Is Utterly Silent!

Real Light Is Not Bright—Real World Is Not Colorful

There Is No Darkness Anywhere Out There Either

Seeing Images That Never Were

Where Is The Gorilla! Where Is The Costume!

Is That Not My Real Body?

You Have Never Experienced Life Or Anything Alive

You Have Never Experienced Death Or Anything Dead

Chapter 6

What Space! Which Space! You Don’t Experience Real Space

Not Real Space, But Mind-space Is 3D

Mind-space PMM

Chapter 7

What Time! Which Time! You Don’t Experience Real Time

Is Real Time One-dimensional Or Mind-time?

The Uncertainty Principle Of The Two Worlds

Past Is Present

Does Your World Appear Timely To You?

Agreeing On The Present That Disagree

Present Of Many Pasts—Perceiving World That Never Was

Chapter 8

Dissecting Dimensions

Space Relativity—Time Relativity—Matter Relativity

Homo Sapiens Designed With Virtual-reality Interfaces

Species-Specific Mind Designs

In Search Of Human Mind Design Specifications

Chapter 9

Integrity Of The Mind Interface

Ashoi’s Law of Preservation of Information (ALPI)

Chapter 10

You Can’t See And Hear At The Same Time

We Don’t Have Real Memory

Everyone Has Out-Of-Body Experiences

A World Of Meta-impressions

Chapter 11

Our Fragmented And Deformed Worlds

Did You Know: 2D + 2D = 3D

Chapter 12

Can’t Experience Real Sizes, Lengths Or Distances

Mind-space Elasticity

Thresholds Of Perceptual Mind-space

Experiment To Estimate The Visual TEEPS In Humans

Perceptual Domains Of Sensory Perceptions

Chapter 13

Look At It There, But See It Here!

Brief Discussion Of Empirical Results And The Corollaries

The Mind’s-origin Paradox

Benefits of Fixed Mind Architecture

Chapter 14

Brain And Mind Are Both Of The Same Stuff

Body In Mind—Mind In Atom!

Relative Perceptual Proportionality

Chapter 15

The Mind’s Field of Consciousness (MFC)

The Percepton

Is Consciousness A Wave, A Particle Or Neither?

Mind And Body Interactions

Chapter 16

The World Is All Yours—You In Your World Alone!

Conscious Of Consciousness—Awareness of Mind

The Universe And You

Chapter 17

Spiritual Sensory Perception

SSP in Daily Life

Nurturing Real Relationship—Not Superficial Relationship

Universe Sensing You

Chapter 18

The Beginning

Appendix A

Human Vision System Architecture

Appendix B

Topsy-turvy Sensory System Architecture

Mind-time Elasticity

As A Matter Of Mind

Looking Into The Mind Mirror

Discerning The Subjective, The Objective, And The Real


Remembering SSP Experiences

Scientific Research Considerations Of SSP

Breaking Through The Delusion Is A Conscious Process


A short list of facts to be aware of.